Dear Readers!

I would like to say a few words at the beginning of my program planning.

“After years of disillusionment and distance, we want to use the lively music of Johann Strauss to give (us all) hope and confidence again, to build joie de vivre, to bring people closer together, to build bridges and to close gaps. Without a doubt, his œuvre is ideally suited for this purpose: Beginning with the New Year’s Concert on January 1st and ending with the New Year’s Dance on December 31st, we want to let Vienna shine as an exciting cultural metropolis through Johann Strauss, its famous citizen of the world, in a vast range of artistic encounters and events throughout the year.”

The concept of the Strauss festival year 2025 rests on 4 major pillars:

  1. In 2025, Vienna will be the centre of a wide variety of new events based on the joie-de-vivre and genius of Johann Strauss II’s music.

  2. The artistic direction casts the net wide across the entire festival year 2025 and is involving all the relevant Viennese cultural initiatives.

  3. All the projects aim for relevance in the world of today and branch out from Strauss’s œuvre to touch all the associated genres: from concert to musical theatre, from literature to exhibition, from classic to electro, from ball to parade, in film as well as science, from digital to immersive – indoor as well as outdoor, from small to XL.

  4. Successful value creation is also an important consideration:
    The realizations of the “Strauss-World” should engage and enliven the Viennese artistic community, economy and tourism, on the one hand directly in 2024/25, but also sustainably.

After various scientific and “dynastic” researches, we have decided to use the double “ss” spelling of Johann Strauss throughout from now on – especially in order not to restrict our international festival program with the German “ß” spelling.

If you have any questions or suggestions, the best way to reach us is via our contact address

I appreciate your interest in the Johann Strauss Festival Year 2025!

Roland Geyer
Artistic director